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Who are we, what do we do and why do we do it?



At Wednesday Tango, we strive to create an environment for tango dancers of all levels to engage, learn and connect! We encourage existing dancers to build upon their vocabulary and push the boundaries of tango, connection and musicality, while fostering a welcoming space for beginners and those wanting to try tango for the first time to join in!  


By offering both traditional and non-traditional tango music, people from all walks of life can explore this wonderful improvised dance in a comfortable and fun environment. Featuring rotating guest DJ's, we play a mixture of classic tango sets alternated with a wide range of other music genres including but limited to; tango nuevo, electronic, dubstep, international music, and blues. In addition, we have also created an excellent arena for a variety of amazing live musicians and DJ’s to showcase their work.


Finally, we acknowledge that Wednesday Tango will always be in tension… caught between the crossroads of what tango is now and where tango is going. Our goal is not to take anything away but rather to add on and give back to our community at large, to embrace and respect this beautiful and evolving artform, and to also challenge each other to explore it more deeply. We hope to share our love for tango and we hope to see you all at Wednesday Tango!  Please check out our Faceboook page for weekly event info. 



What, Where, When, Why?

Wednesday…Your answer to the question, “What should I do tonight?”

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